Meet Our 2017-18 Central Ontario District Team

Central Ontario's Team of Officers are a vibrant group of Optimists working hard to make this the best District in Optimism. They are here as a resource for you to support programs, your Club's success and to make our three Quarter Board meetings and annual District Conference the best they can be. 

Tony Edge, Governor

Tony is our CENON Governor for the Optimist 2017-18 year.

Gordon Holly, Secretary-Treasurer

Gord is our Secretary-Treasurer recording meeting minutes and providing quarterly financial statements.

Denise Nacev, Governor Elect

Denise will be our CENON Governor in Optimist year 2018-19.

Mac Rumble, Past Governor

Mac is our immediate Past Governor for Optimist Year 2016-17.

Julia Cooper, JOI Governor

Our JOI Governor is responsible for coordinating and communicating with all of the JOI Clubs in our District.

Alex Ansell, Parliamentarian

Alex is our official Parliamentarian resource for the CENON District.

Our Team

Our Central Ontario District Chairs for 2017-18.

Mary Woodland
District Foundation Representative

Gary Hill
Conference Chair.

Anne Donkers
International Conference Chair

Ralph Brunton
Convention Chair

Brian Wick
New Club Building

Richard Woodland
Club Fitness

Vicki Mains
Public Relations/ Webmaster/Bulletin Editor

Anne Donkers
Leadership Development

Jody Caperchione
JOI Chair

Brenda McDonald

Sandra Stokes

Lauralee Reily
Activities and Recognition

Sue Montgomery
Honour Clubs

Jennifer Krizel

Mac Rumble
Candidates Qualifications

Dennis Kwasnicki
Junior Golf

Jim Dallimore
Essay Co-Chair

Marijke Coffa
Oratorical Chair

Ted Simmons
Communications Contest for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Katie Holmes
Essay Co-Chair

Pam Carom
Sargeant At Arms 

Floyd Smelser
Sargeant At Arms