"By giving people the power to share, we are making the world more transparent."  Mark Zuckerberg

facebook tips

Facebook is a powerful tool in many ways, but only if maintained. To use it successfully you need to keep it current and post content at least 3 times a week. Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays are great days to attract the attention of people who are browsing, so a great day to post new content.
You may ask what should I post? Whenever your Club or a member is involved in activity, take photos and short video if you can. People like good news stories. Let them know they too can get involved. Post your upcoming events. 
Learn more about Facebook Marketing from this "how to" Facebook and Website Marketing presentation you can download and watch or share with your club members at a meeting.


Have a camera/smart phone with you at all times. Take action shots of your Club and members doing things, not posing. Something like the photo above. Photos where the subject is not centred are more interesting to the viewer.

Be responsive and engaging

Even if you cannot post every day, check your page every day. Answer people's questions. Reply and thank them for liking and sharing your page. Keep your Facebook posts short and friendly - Facebook is all about "friends".


Memes are usually short inspirational statements with photos or diagrams. Lots of great ones are available online - from Optimist International's Facebook page and on the Facebook page and website - Experience Optimism.

Add links to your website

Important to get people to engage further with you. When you post something like an optimistic meme or a fun photo of an event, add something like "you can also have fun and make a difference. Join us at www.optimistclub.com/join"