Press releases for clubs

Newspaper and Magazine PR

If your town or city has a neighbourhood, local or regional newspaper, they are often happy to publish photos and short good news stories. Photos need to be high resolution to work in a newspaper or magazine.  Optimist International provides the following useful Press Releases, you may find useful. Once you have a relationship with an editor, it can become more informal.

Optimist international press releases

Follow this link to download the Press Releases described below in either Word or PDF format. (Easier to edit in Word).

Scholarship PR

Press Releases for before and after Essay, Oratorical and CCDHH Contests. 

Club Activities

PR for Respect for Law, Youth Appreciation, Youth Safety and Tri-Star Sports events.

District Events

Releases for District Essay, Oratorical, CCDHH and Junior Golf events.

New Clubs

PR for New Club Meetings, Charter, Fundraising and Projects.

Other Activities

Releases for Club Honours and Awards, Fundraisers, New Members, New President. etc.

Quick photo tips

Press Release photos should be high-resolution - at least 300 dpi and nine inches on longest side. Try to get good, clear images with good lighting and composition. Larger photos are preferred because an image can retain quality if it must be made smaller, but quality suffers when a photo is enlarged. Mobile device cameras are improving, but photos from digital SLR Cameras are still preferred.

Also, action shots are more interesting to viewers. Take a shot of the subject(s) doing something instead of having them pose. Posed large group shots don’t always read well and are less likely to attract attention. Submit at least one photo. Use your Club or District logo if you don’t have other images handy. Your new logos will be delivered from Optimist International in multiple formats, including high resolution .eps files preferred by media.