A reminder of your conversation...

brochures and promotions


Nice shiney brochures about Optimist and Junior Optimist Clubs are available from Optimist International. Mini versions are available from Optimist International, Montreal and these are great for members to have with them at all times. A no excuse solution, these brochures fit into any procket, wallet or purse. Print up some small stickers with your club website or a number to call and these customized brochures are a perfect reminder to prospective new members after you discuss Optimism with them.


Promotions lend themselves best to the power of social media. Use memes and add some text on Facebook, or run a small contest. It does not need to cost much. In fact, you can make a NOW meeting a contest for the first people interested in learning more about your Optimist Club to answer a question correctly, and they will "win" a free dinner at your next meeting. This is something most clubs do for prospective new members anyway. There are so many tips about how to reach potential new members using social media promotions and just sharing your success. Read more about Facebook tools and other social media on the Public Relations and Social Media page. 

You can also use this "contest" idea when you have a table at an event in the community. Remember to attract families with balloons or other fun things for children to do and then you can engage the parents. Don't forget to give them a brochure. Promotions and brochures go hand in hand! I

If you want to promote your Junior Optimist Club, have Junior Optimists there to do that promotion. It is a great learning, marketing and confidence-building experience for them. Who better to promote their clubs than the members themselves? If you can also have your JOI Club elect an interested member to be a Director of Marketing. Let them create a social media presence and awareness among teens about the JOI Club.