use twitter for quick notices, announcements, reminders of events

It's current - What's happening

Unlike websites which are always available for reference, Facebook which has posts that are shared often for weeks at a time, Twitter is more temporal. They do not recycle and when it comes to promoting events, you may need to tweet about it frequently. You only have 140 characters to get your message out there. But there are many people on Twitter all day long. Ask people to tweet at your events and give them a custom # to do it with. 

Twitter Features and Tips

Attract Followers

Just like other social media, attach photos and videos to your tweets. Photos should be 1024 by 512 px.

Short form words

2 save space in tweets, use short forms like: gr8 (great) u r (you are) IDK (I don't know) etc. Here's a link to common abbreviations.

Hashtags #

Hashtags started in Twitter as a quick way to cross reference hot topics and track tweets. Definitely create a # for your Club.

Follow your Followers

When people follow you, follow them back. Start by following OI, other Optimist Clubs, Optimists and local organizations you sponsor.

Feature Item

If you are actively promoting an event, it give it a hashtag and tweet about it at least once a day. Add different photos or change the wording but same hashtag. You can search by that same hashtag & see what people are doing.


Like other social media, the power is in your presence. Tweet as often as you have something worth sharing and retweet your followers tweets, paticularly those you sponsor and you will find they will retweet yours. 

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